La vallée de la Lune, Argentine.

Les Grandes Salines, Argentine.

Champs de piments, route 40, Argentine.

Lagune Miscanti, Chili.

Pierres Rouges, Chili.

Lagune Colorée, Argentine.

Talampaya, Argentine.

Pierres Rouges, Chili.

Talampaya, Argentine.

Quebrada de las Conchas, Argentine.

Les boules étranges, Vallée de la Lune, Argentine.

Volcan Licancabour, Chili.

Lagune cachée, Chili.

La Vallée de la Mort, Chili.

Lagune Sud-Lipez, Bolivie.

Fenêtre sur les montagnes d'Iruya, Argentine.

Alice au pays des Merveilles, route 33, Argentine.

La montagne aux 14 couleurs, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentine.

Situated between the Atacama dessert in Chile, the north of Argentina and Southern Bolivia, this mountainous region is truly breathtaking!

Extremely close to the Tropic of Capricorn. As a result, the magnetic fields are extremely strong which forces the rivers current to flow up the mountain.