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Dorothée Nakache communicates to you all the information necessary within the framework of exhibitions , performance or future collaborations, please email:




Dates coming up in 2016: 


Feb: participation for a competition We Van for an european tour.

21st and 22nd of March: documentary screening "Simple Sample Tour Pérou" and "Micro du Monde Salta Argentine" during the Web Program Festival, Théâtre du Gymnase, Paris.

May: documentary screening "Simple Sample Tour Pérou", live performance "Micro du Monde" (microphones of the world), photo exposition " Landscapes of the Andean triangle",  Dj Julio Inti (Cumbia), ceviche food truck, Pisco and more.




Dorothée Nakache aka Dotydott :


Trilingual interpreter, guide, journalist, casting director, director and photographer.


This multi-talented woman is the link that connects people. She goes out to meet them during their daily lives to create a cultural interactivity. The aim is to get the world involved in videos, thus allowing them to discover the diversity of landscapes and people through authentic images and music.



Dotydott ?



Also, she created a really original font. Check the T-Shirts and more on !








She can also catch your event with pictures, have a look on mariage !

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